About Us


Together Mariah and Priscilla, inspired by their own personal artistic journeys, a childlike wonder, their youthful spark, and some walks on the wild side — invite us to imagine. 

For many, 2020 was an incredible challenge that presented countless obstacles. For Mariah and Priscilla, those obstacles made space for opportunities to dream. For these two friends, it was dreaming in fun textiles, warm inviting colors, and prints as eccentric as they are distinct. As mothers of young children, small-business owners, and thoughtful-connectors; these two girlfriends craved a fun escape. It was their head-in-the-clouds spirit that gave way to Tiger Island.

Tiger Island is as much for parents as it is for their children. No need to overthink your little Tiger’s look. Genderless cuts with bold, fun colors; and whimsical design. Attire made for the most royal of Tenenbaums and your fantastic little fox. Made in the U.S. with loving hands. 

After all, you’re only as cool as your cub.